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Provide a fur-ever home

Love for animals

Lifetime Goat Adoptions 


We have a range of goats from all walks of life. Some had experienced love before coming to us, whilst others sadly had not.


We provide premium care to our goats and have worked closely with each one to bring healing and wholeness, and ensure they remain healthy and happy. We spend lots of time humanising them to be confident  around new people and new settings. 


Each goat available for adoption will eat from your hand or a bucket and most enjoy pats and scratches. Some were hand raised and are wonderful, affectionate companions who will sit in your lap or rub their head on you.


Thanks to Flocking Adorable Hire Our Herd lifestyle, all of our goats are trailer trained and will usually jump in to a trailer without requiring human direction. They are also electric fence trained, knowing to respect the boundary provided.   


All vaccinations, drenching and foot care is up to date.

We rehome as pets only, so please be prepared to show proof of your property, and intended care plan. Fence systems and livestock management plans are available for purchase with goats.

We offer discounted adoption rates for people adopting 4 or more goats.


Adoptions rates for 4 or more goats:

  • Whether - $200ea (or $240ea for 3 or less)

  • Doe - $300ea (or $360ea for 3 or less)

  • Pregnant Doe - $350ea (or $420ea for 3 or less)

  • Doe with Kid at foot - $450 (or $540ea for 3 or less)

  • Doe with twins at foot - $600 (or $720 for 3 or less)

  • Bucklets $500 - $750ea (individual sale only)

  • Stud Bucks $750 - $1500ea (individual sale only)

Available breeds: Australian Rangeland, Anglo Nubian, Boar, Saanen, Meelan, Nigerian Dwarf. Adoption price varies on breeds.

The funds received from adoptions supports our rescue program.

Please complete the form below to tell us about your adoption interest. 

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