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Share the Love through Sponsorship

We are a unique goat grazing group as all our goats are rescues. We’ve found a way to help communities reduce fire hazards, while also saving animals.


Sponsoring one of our little goat-lettes goes further than saving a life – our goats provide joy to the families they visit, and help regenerate the earth by bringing back native vegetation, which in turn supports our native wildlife.


Our ethos at Flocking Adorable is to be the change we want to see - but to do this we need a bit of your spare change.

Pick one of our most popular goats below for sponsorship, or if there was a rescue that stole your heart during a stay or visit let us know and we will organise a special sponsorship for that individual.


Monthly Sponsorship

There are two monthly sponsorship levels - Gold and Silver - which help to cover vet bills, annual immunisations, quarterly worming and general health care treatments. 


Gold $50 per month, covers 100% of expenses for 1 goat

Silver $25 per month, covers 50% of expenses  for 1 goat 


You can setup an automatic sponsorship via our PayPal account: 

Sponsor a Goat as a Gift to Loved Ones

Looking for a gift for the person who has everything- except a goat (bah – haha)? You’ve come to the right place. All our sponsorships come with an adoption certificate that can be emailed to the gift recipient – just make sure you add their email and details to the notes in the check out page.

Donate Food

Life Giving Gifts

Buy a Bail

With weather extremes affecting all farmers and livestock owners, the cost of a bail of hay has skyrocketed. Our flock sometimes needs to supplement with bails of hay when they are beh-tween jobs. Buying us a bail will bail us out of trouble at times of flood, heat waves or long periods at home. 

The average cost of bails in 2022 - 2024 have varied between $25 - $35 in New South Wales, Australia. One bail will feed 7-10 goats for 1 day. 

You can buy bails by donating via our PayPal link below (or contact us if you'd like to donate some in person):

Bread & Produce Donations

Donations of suitable produce is a useful way to support our goats. They can eat most fruits and vegetables with the exception of nightshade and citrus varieties.  

Bread is also a great supplement - but we like it healthy - brown, multigrain and wholegrain. Please contact us if you'd like to donate. 

Thanks for submitting!

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