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We are in the business of saving lives, saving the environment, and saving your yard -  all in one flocking adorable package.

We are adorable in so many ways – we hire our rescue goats for grazing, have adorable rescue animals up for adoption and we offer unique volunteer opportunities for anyone wanting to care for animals and help the community. 

Hear from our founder, Joshua Said, as he shares his heart for his herd and livestock rescue that give animals, people and places new b-eh-eh-ginnings!

Who the Flock are we?

“I wanted to find a way to bring my passion for helping people and communities together with helping animals – and we’ve achieved that at Flocking Adorable.

Our rescue goats are getting a second chance at life, while also being super heroes by helping the community reduce fire hazards. These rescues are saving people’s lives and property. 

Goats have a bad rep in Australia but they’ve been underestimated, and our herd is proving the nahhh-sayers wrong.

This business is built with heart. If you love animals, community, and the environment, then let’s work together to build a safer world for all.”

View from the Top

No chemicals, no machinery, no fires.

Fill your disaster yard or fire-vulnerable farm
with our flocking adorable rescue goats for grazing instead.


Our goats can visit homes, farms, schools, and commercial properties that need clearing.

We’ve found a way to help communities reduce fire hazards, while also saving animals.

Hire Our Herd

Weeds or major overgrowth got your goat?

Looking for a kind, environmentally friendly solution to remove fire hazards that's cute, and far more fun than manual land clearing? Ewe have come to the right place. 

Booking Request

Hiring Our Herd is quoted individually for each property, and may involve manual brush cutting and temporary fence installation to contain our goats if your property is not fully fenced. 


To help us determine how we can best service your property, please provide the details below.

We will then organise an onsite inspection or supply alternative recommendations. 

Thanks for submitting!

Our Flocking Adorable Support Programs

Donate to, volunteer for, or adopt our beautiful rescue goats

Examining Goat on Ranch

Donate Funds or Food


Helping Hands & Hearts

Love for animals

Provide a fur-ever home

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